We attended the round table about “Biomass” as part of the CROENERGY 2017 Conference

We attended the CROENERGY 2017 Conference which took place on 3 and 4 October 2017 in the Bračak castle in Zabok, in Zagorje, which has undergone energy renewal, in the organization of the Regional Energy Agency (REGEA). The conference answered questions about how to start and secure funding for energy projects, how to stimulate energy renewal of buildings and, in the end, how to prompt economic growth through energy innovations.

We attended the round table about “Biomass” as part of the CROENERGY 2017 Conference

MI MARIS d.o.o. was represented by Tomislav Magić through his participation at the round table about “Biomass - How can we reach a developed market and a reliable energy source?”

Since most biomass-derived fuels (wood pellets and woodchips) produced in Croatia are intended for export and Croatia’s levels of exploitation of these sources are among the lowest in Europe, the participants of the round table presented their thoughts and experience in stimulating market development and ensuring the necessary quality of biomass-derived energy sources. The panel was co-organized by the Austrian Office for Foreign Trade in Zagreb and the moderators of the round table were Julije Domac, PhD and Velimir Šegon, Msc. The event was attended by representatives of professional organizations, competent ministries, manufacturers of pellets, woodchips and biomass-fired boilers as well as energy works contractors.