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MI MARIS offers quality and technologically advanced integrated technical solutions, products and services for improving the energy efficiency of our users’ systems. Because our technical solutions are custom-made and based on the rules of the profession, energy efficiency and environment protection guidelines, they create added value both for our users and the company itself.

MI MARIS pays great attention to energy efficiency - all our projects are centred around care for energy and its consumption. The aim is to implement quality projects that minimize energy consumption, bearing in mind that the desired level of quality of life and business activities in any given facility must be maintained. In cooperation with our partners, we create environmentally friendly and contemporary technological solutions resulting in optimized energy consumption.

Through its activity, MI MARIS strives to raise awareness on the importance of protecting the environment and minimizing the ecological footprint. By implementing energy efficiency projects, we try to minimize the use of environmentally damaging energy products, offer solutions based on renewable energy sources, stimulate rational use of energy sources and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Our business activities are compliant with the ISO 14001 standard, and we do our best to protect and preserve the environment.

MI MARIS tries to meet all of our customers’ needs and expectations. We offer custom-made solutions, taking into consideration all the elements necessary for a quality project implementation. Each customer receives an equal amount of attention as we try to devise the best possible energy solution through the endeavours of our professional, experienced and educated employees. Years of cooperation with renowned business partners and numerous certificates confirm our company’s dedication to quality and excellence.


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