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In accordance with the Rules on minimum occupational safety and health protection requirements and technical supervision of the plant, equipment, installations and devices in explosive atmosphere hazardous areas we are authorized for installation, measurement and testing of electrical and instrumentation devices and for maintenance and repair of electrical and instrumentation Ex-equipment. 

We perform regular periodical inspections of Ex-equipment and installations:

  • visual inspection is performed semi-annually, by examining Ex-equipment and electrical installations in the plant and inspecting (observing) any irregularities,

  • control inspection is performed annually and includes procedures covered by the visual inspection plus additional procedures which allow to establish any irregularities in the Ex-equipment,

  • detailed inspection is performed once in three years and includes procedures covered by the visual and control inspection plus additional procedures which allow to establish any irregularities in the Ex-equipment and installations visible only after the device has been opened up or tests undertaken, including use of appropriate tools and measurement and test equipment.

Maintenance of electrical equipment and installations is performed in accordance with the provisions of the HRN EN 60079:17 standard and the relevant provisions laid down in the Ex manual by the authorized maintenance provider.

MI MARIS’s employees possess professional certificates, expertise and experience necessary for performing works in explosive atmosphere hazardous areas. Equipment, measurement instruments and devices are regularly checked and calibrated in authorized laboratories.

The user must make sure periodical inspections are conducted, whereas the authorized maintenance provider is responsible for confirming the plant’s safety.

We will inspect your documents and your plant. We will compose an offer with the necessary activities and make sure your documents and plant are safe!


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