Company profile

The MI MARIS company was founded on 9 December 1993 by spouses Iva and Stanko Magić. 25 years later, the company is still in family ownership. In addition to the company founders, who still actively participate in the company’s operations, the heirs Tomislav Magić, M.Eng. and Katarina Magić Koščević, M.Econ. brought in new energy causing the company business to soar and continue its successful development.

The company’s core activity is construction and reconstruction of boiler rooms, systems for heating, cooling and technological steam, engineering and production of power distribution cabinets and energy consumption management systems, introduction of renewable energy sources and fitting of all types of mechanical and electrical installations.

In the area of instrumentation, we specialize in management and automatic control of energy-related processes, focusing on heating, cooling and steam systems in residential, business or industrial facilities, such as energy, pharmaceutical, medical, food and similar industries.


In 2019, the company moved its headquarters into the newly built business-production complex in Ivanić-Grad co-funded by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund. The company modernized its technical equipment and carried out numerous professional trainings for its employees as part of the EU project. In addition to investments in the building and equipment, we also introduced an integrated management system based on ISO standards which shows that the company is dedicated to quality, occupational safety and environment protection.

During more than 25 years of its business, MI MARIS has been established as one of Croatia’s most important companies in its area of activity. In the future, we would like to keep our leading position on the market and specialize further in our areas of activity. We will continue focusing on our employees’ education, monitoring legal regulations and introducing new technologies. Our aim is to continue looking for and implementing custom-made and reliable energy solutions.